Say hello to your very own housekeeper

Bundant is the kitchen cupboard organisation tool that keeps your home ticking along

Your home essentials delivered

Exactly when you need it

All at the best prices

Meet BundantBand™

The smart sleeve that snaps on to your pantry containers and keeps your home organised

Snaps on to your existing jars
       No need to buy new containers

Bundant tracks which products you have left
       Leave the hardwork to us

Bundant reorders what you’re running low of
       At price-matched prices with free delivery

All of our Bundantbands™ are compatible with containers from

Get your time back

Bundant is the smart and convenient way to manage your home essentials. Restock your products in a click or set Bundant on autopilot so it automatically reorders for you. Imagine what you could do with your time back? Perhaps…

Catch up on a book

Enjoy a tipple

Get some snooze

how much we spend restocking our homes each week

30mins on checking product levels
20mins on writing shopping lists
1hr on shopping for products
20mins on commuting to shop

how much time Bundant saves you each year!

Join Bundant and save

Bundant taps into our community to find the best possible prices for the products you know and love. You can set the app to autopilot and let Bundant keep your cupboards stocked. Say goodbye to last minute essentials shopping.

Our community are loving it!

“I'm so pumped to have this. I can't wait to be organised”

– Darren, Somerset

“Bundant is a lifesaver! It's made my weekly shop so smooth”

– Kemi, Chesterfield

“I absolutely love this. Such a great way to manage my life”

– Louise, Liverpool

“Bundant removes so much hassle and I've saved money too!

– George, Newcastle

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